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"I played all 4 years of high school on the varsity tennis team. I was able to be a regional qualifier each year and was an alternate for our state qualifiers my senior year. I still play tennis to this day and it will always be a great love and passion in my life because of the experiences I had.

"The school has access to only two courts. Having new and more courts built would provide more practice space for JV and Varsity, more room for tennis camps, and would give Whitney the ability to host tournaments. I personally believe the tennis program is already strong and with the new courts there is so much potential and room for growth for each player. I believe that there is only positive outcomes with the building of new courts at the high school."

-- Dacy Bonner
Whitney High School Tennis Team,
Class of 2011

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Whitney tennis team members

All Children Excelling (ACE) is a non-profit corporation based in Whitney, Texas, dedicated to promoting the sport of tennis in the community.

The goal of ACE is to design, develop and construct a tennis facility, and to provide tennis instruction for a junior program to improve the capabilities of Whitney youth at the Middle School and High School levels.

Tennis Practice

Already we have more than 40 children (ages 10-18) who are excited about tennis. The city of Whitney currently has only two old courts available for play. It is extremely difficult to provide individual attention to all interested children on just two courts. Our plan is to raise funds to build tennis courts for practice, play and interscholastic competition.


ACEing the Competition
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ACE is featured in an article called "ACEing the Competition" by USTA Texas. The article explains the beginnings of ACE and follows it through to the school bond election approval for eight new courts.

The photos below show these new courts shortly before completion.


Whitney Tennis Team
  • Continued promotion of tennis in Whitney
  • Build tennis courts
  • Support leadership
  • Develop a team approach
  • Promote upperclassmen leading by example

How YOU Can Help

Helping Whitney Tennis Team
  • Talk to your friends about our goal
  • Contribute to our non-profit corporation
  • Come watch our tennis team
  • Get to know the kids
  • Encourage the kids
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All Children Excelling

A non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to
promoting leadership in the students of Whitney, TX
through participation in tennis